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Rust Proof Garage Doors

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Rust Resistance and Garage Doors

If you live close to the Atlantic coast, when investing in a new garage door you should consider corrosion resistance. Particularly in eastern the Volusia County towns of New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange and Daytona Beach, the salt air can cause the appearance of you garage door to deteriorate, and can cause rust, noisy operation, and ultimate failure or your garage door system.

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What materials to avoid in a coastal environment:

When your home's garage doors are exposed to constant contact moisture and salt air, damage is inevitable. The corrosive nature of salt air can corrode steel components and can structural failures. Steel garage doors are therefore a poor choice – if not properly maintained, or if the doors are damaged or dented, rust is inevitable. Wood doors can be used in coastal environments, but they need to be almost constantly maintained so they are perhaps not the best choice.

What are the best garage door choices for rust resistance?

  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass garage doors offer strength, light weight, and high resistance to the challenges of the salt air. Their limitations include limited color choices, and the fact that their factory color can fade or yellow over the years.
  • Vinyl: Much like vinyl fencing and decking, vinyl garage doors are typically manufactured from PVC material and bring high durability and low maintenance to garage doors. They are impervious to salt air, and are generally affordable, but color choices are limited.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum does not corrode in salt air, in very strong, and can come in a variety of durable powder coated finishes. They can be painted, and come with insulation systems, but they are relatively expensive.

Does garage door color matter?

Yes. Darker garage door colors can absorb heat in the direct sun, and will deteriorate significantly faster than lighter colors. Ultraviolet light will definitely accelerate the impact of salt air on garage door finishes and appearance.

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